What is WITH LOVE FOR YOU Charitable Foundation

Founded in 2016 in Pune, ‘With Love, For You’ Charitable foundation is the culmination of a fervent desire to contribute to the society and help those in need. A group of charismatic ladies joined hands to give their time, passion and energy for humanitarian causes that are focused toward the betterment of society. An amalgamation of different strengths and expertise, With Love derives its uniqueness from the harmonious coalition of varied personalities. This not-for-profit organization takes up many small and large projects in the city and across the country. Its work ranges from education to social change and within a short span of time the organization has won prestigious awards for its impactful work.

The most notable projects of ‘With Love’ are ‘Stop Beggary’ , ‘Books for a Cause’ and ‘Joybags’. The ‘Stop Beggary’ project was selected as one of 100 most inspiring stories in the Design For Change challenge in 2016.

Our Vision and Mission

‘With Love, For You’ aims to help the underprivileged and marginalized in every way possible. The organization is dedicated towards bringing about a permanent change in the lives of those in need. From urban slums to remote tribal areas, the NGO intends to reach out to the disadvantaged, irrespective of their location. With the means of its extensive charitable projects, With Love wishes to inspire young minds to take up social work and contribute positively to their community. To sum up in a few words, ‘With Love’ wants the millennial generation to believe that being ‘Kind is Cool.’
At ‘With Love’, we believe that giving back to the community is the ultimate purpose of life. Our work ranges a wide canvas of causes ; education, disabled care, social upliftment and health. Our associations with a number of organizations have helped us reach out to the underprivileged and marginal people. Resources are raised through periodical fundraisers that also immensely help in spreading awareness. Through meticulous research and first hand inspection, we have successfully identified families and communities in need and helped them aspire and live better.


Enabling educational opportunities

Providing books and basic amenities that facilitate learning

Distributing Smiles to the Underprivileged

Encouraging dreams and reducing the disparity in the society

Providing Support to the Marginalized

Ensuring basic amenities even in remote areas of the country

Enabling a Dignified Existence for the Poor

Providing basic comforts to the needy

Spreading Awareness in the Community

Empowering youth with kindness and compassion

Finding Solutions to Society’s Moral Dilemmas

Encouraging the right attitude towards the nation’s impoverished


‘Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean’. A big part of With Love’s success and prosperity is the fantastic team of people behind it. Our members have shown immense dedication and commitment to With Love, without which the organization could not have come this far in such a short period. Immensely qualified and accomplished in their own fields, the organization derives its strength from these powerful women who have come together for the soul purpose of betterment of the society.