Boxing Day

Month of Execution: December

Venue: Harmony Tree Preschool, Sopanbaug

Attendees: kids of the school and kids of Mahatma Gandhi School, Yerwada

Project Description

Boxing day is held on the day just after #Christmas, to share all the extra #gifts with those who are less fortunate.

Bringing this spirit alive, With Love For You Charitable Foundation celebrated a smaller version of Boxing day at The Harmony Tree Preschool, Sopanbaug with the underprivileged kids from Mahatma Gandhi School, Yerwada.

Children of Harmony tree as well as other schools brought along new gifts to share with children who need it the most.
All children spent time together playing games, doing activities and eating food.

Some special angel donors also helped us to collect 1200 notebooks for the kids and helped fulfill their highest need.

Harmony Tree was happy to provide us their venue and support our cause.
Pesto Pesto, Kunal Mhaske distributed festive snack boxes for all kids.
Priyanka Banerjee took the time out to click some candid moments and turn them into lifetime memories.
Teachers and Parents supported in large numbers.

Adding a little joy in someones life, adds a whole lot of joy in yours.

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