Books For Change

Month of Execution: Ongoing

Venue: Beed, Saswad, Satara, Junnar and outskirts of Maharashtra

Beneficiaries: 2300 kids

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Project Description

India, 7th largest and 2nd most populated country on the globe. The 31% population of below 15 years is going through a major educational crisis due to lack of funds, infrastructure and the fundamental need- BOOKS. Research shows that 6.1 million children are out of school and another 10 million of them are engaged in child labor.  Without a strong foundation of literacy skills, these children are more likely to struggle, live in poverty and not reach their potential. On the occasion of 10th anniversary of Sarjan Charity Group, Hongkong, started a small initiative named Books For Change. To implement this project in India, they got in touch with “With Love for You Charitable Foundation”, where Mr. Naresh Surana on behalf of them started discussing the project with our team. We researched on this project for almost 3 months, covered different districts and villages all over Maharashtra. Panama Foundation really helped us in this research work. Through research, recognizing the high rates of drop out after 8th grade due to economical instability, we decided to provide full set of syllabus based books to grade 9th and 10th students in Maharashtra’s most destitute and desperate villages. We identified Koyna and Beed. Koyna has heavy rainfall along with adverse geographical conditions and kids here have to walk atleast 5 to 10 km to attend school. Exactly opposite of this is Beed which is a draught prone area. Due to this, many kids from this area cannot afford schooling expenses. Then we connected with Pragati and Nirali Books in Pune to provide us with this huge need of textbooks alongwith the transportation.

A journey of 5,064 kilometers

18 villages in 6 different districts of Maharashtra

14 distribution phases to ensure a perfect execution

2,356 students of 9th and 10th Grade from 24 different schools

Distribution of 20,220 Books in total

With the help of dedicated 75 plus volunteers over the period of 9 months

Made “Books for Change” a success story.

Through Books for A purpose we are reaching out to scores and thousands of children across Maharashtra. And we are going to make a difference in the sector of education in a very big way. Mr. Naresh Surana, who now runs Touch A Life Foundation intends to reach out to each and every student who struggles to achieve their basic educational ends. We cannot thank enough -all our sponsors, volunteers and well-wishers. This could not have been possible without their support. Media also took notice of this initiative and their support too has been heartening. This is just a beginning and to take “books for a purpose” miles ahead, we extend a helping hand to those who have the urge to collaborate with this noble cause to secure the future of our beloved country.


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