Kids With Capes (Harmony Tree Preschool)

Month of Execution: December

Venue: Harmony Tree Preschool, Sopanbaug and Kalyaninagar

Beneficiaries: kids of the school

Project Description

"Teaching children to count is fine. But teaching them what even better"

When more and more preschools and facilitators of education support our cause, we know we are moving towards a better future.
We are creating generations who believe that kindness is the key to real happiness.

Joy of Giving with Harmony Tree Preschool. We spoke about being a Santa for the less privileged and turning into superheroes through their generous acts!

The Joy of Giving events conducted with Harmony Tree Preschool, Sopanbaug and Kalyaninagar culminated with a christmas party between the students of the school and kids from Sant Gadge Maharaj school.
Giving away your toys and gifts is a generous act but giving your time is priceless.

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