Kids With Capes (Vivero Preschool)

Month of Execution: October

Venue: Vivero International Preschool, Kalyaninagar

Beneficiaries: Students of K1 and K2

Project Description

" Kindness is like glitter. You cant sprinkle it without having some on yourself "
With that underlying thought, With Love launched its project- Kids with Capes.

It enables children to turn into superheroes by being kind, giving and sharing with the less fortunate. We want to achieve our vision- Kindness is contagious and Kindness is kool. The upcoming generations need to make giving and sharing as an organic way of life.

We are tying up with preschools to achieve this target. Our team will visit your school with a set curriculum and conduct this activity in a fun way. There are different follow up activities that are done post that. We can even incorporate any similar projects you want conducted.

If you run a preschool or you know someone who does, give us a call for collaboration.

Together lets leave the glitter trail of kindness for the young ones.

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